This book is a shot of encouragement and inspiration when I am in those inevitable entrepreneurial ruts. Inspired Women Succeed is more than another book. It is like having a cup of coffee with a kindred spirit–forty amazing, brilliant, world-changing kindred spirits. The Holy Spirit flows through this book. Powerful! These women have a passion for God that is contagious.

Cindy Rushton,  Author of over 100 books & Bible Studies


Inspired Women Succeed is a “must-read” for all women who want to live an extraordinary life! The stories in this book will inspire you to be all that God created you to be. Don’t wait–read this book and you too will be an “Inspired Women.”

Michelle Prince, Best-selling author, “Winning in Life Now
Certified Zig Ziglar Motivational Speaker


Just finished reading the book. What a wonderful testimony as to the strength, determination, perserverence, success and faith of women. Wonderful job…I have laughed, gasped, been teary-eyed and cheered (quite loudly!) as I read the stories. Thank you Jo Ann Fore and Diane Cunningham … A true example of successful entrepreneurs!

Diane and Jo Ann have the heart to really inspire women to succeed. Get this book – and take it with you everywhere.

Pam Perry, PR Coach and Social Media Strategist


Inspired women do succeed; I know from personal experience. And every story in this book inspires me (teaching me something life-changing) and certainly adds value to my every day life. Congratulations Diane and Jo Ann, you both are a genuine inspiration!

Lisa Mundembe-Chuma – Editor in Chief of Inspirational Woman Magazine